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    Zoom Widespread Outage in Eastern U.S and U.K Finally Restored

    Zoom Widespread Outage in Eastern U.S and U.K Finally Restored

    Zoom is widely used by different sectors starting from students, workers, and businesses to hold meetings and webinars. However, the videoconferencing service is down in the United States, affecting online classes and online meetups.

    Down Detector, a system that detects outage for online services detected the issue on Zoom through reports. The reports are from users who attempted to log in on Zoom earlier this day and are mostly from the eastern U.S and the U.K.

    According to the system detector, it was around 8:00 am ET when reports poured out about the Zoom outage where most of the people are about to start their first meeting or online class.

    Most of the users utilize Twitter as well to report the issue, and it was acknowledged by Zoom by replying to some of the reported tweets. The company also posted its statement concerning the problem on its status report page.

    “We have received reports of users being unable to visit Zoom website (zoom.us) and unable to start and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars. We currently investigating and will provide updates as we have them,” Zoom stated.

    At around 9:50 am ET, Zoom reported that it already identified the cause of the sudden outage, and it is working to fix the issue. “We have identified the issue causing users to be unable to authenticate to the Zoom website (zoom.us) and unable to start and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars, and we are working on a fix for this issue,” as stated in the report.

    After nearly an hour of the first report, at 10:27 am ET, Zoom updated and said that “We are continuing to work on the fix for this issue.” Then, at 10:58 am ET, the video conferencing service updated that the restoration is still on process, although the service has been restored for some users.

    “We are in the process of deploying a fix across our cloud. Service has been restored already for some users. We are continuing to roll this out to complete the fix for any users still impacted,” the report says.

    And finally, at around 12:00 pm ET, Zoom reported through a tweet that the restoration was already done and the service is already working fine.

    "Everything should be working properly now! We are continuing to monitor the situation. Thank you for your patience and our sincere apologies for disrupting your day," Zoom wrote.

    The videoconferencing service has surged despite speculations thrown at it since people are in need of the service to adapt to the ongoing pandemic.

    Zoom is not the only online service that has experienced a certain glitch this month. Recently,  Gmail and other Google Services have experienced the same outage but it was restored later that day.