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    Technology — Twitter trends explained

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    Twitter is Rolling Out Feature to Explain Trending Topics with a Description and Pinned Tweets

    Twitter is Rolling Out Feature to Explain Trending Topics with a Description and Pinned Tweets

    Are you one of those Twitter users who got confused about why those hashtags and topics are trending? Well, you are not alone as the social media platform recorded half a million people who asked the same question.

    Recently, Twitter finally acknowledged the confusion of more than 500,000 people. It added a short description and pinned tweets to explain why those topics are popular. In its blog post, the company said that the inclusion of pinned tweets will start as soon as possible on Android and iOS devices. Twitter wrote that the description of hot topics is rolling out in the coming weeks.

    In 2019, more than 500,000 people tweeted, “why is this trending?” you are probably one of those thousands. So, Twitter said that the feature is designed to let its users understand and help them be updated on why specific topics are on top of the list.

    In utilizing the pinned tweets and description it will be powered by both human curation and algorithms. The algorithms will filter abusive and spammy tweets to be on the pinned tweets. On the other hand, humans will fully navigate the generation of descriptions. 

    According to the company, the description feature for its trending topics will be coming to the United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. It will be available as well in New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, India, Ireland, Colombia, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Argentina.

    The social media app decided to combine algorithms and human intervention because sometimes the trending topics are usually subjected to misinformation. Twitter was even criticized for helping spread fake and offensive news or issues. So, it must be filtered not only by robots but also by real humans.

    Twitter is not the only one that is struggling with the trending topics because, in 2018, Facebook removed its section for trending news. Similar to Twitter, Facebook has faced criticism of being subjected to manipulating and spreading fake stories. So, to address the issue, Facebook has decided to roll out a news tab that is navigated by humans rather than robots.