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    Snapchat Partners with Atom Tickets for Launching its Movie Tickets By Atom Mini

    Snapchat Partners with Atom Tickets for Launching its Movie Tickets By Atom Mini

    Since the COVID-19 strike, it seems that most of the transactions were made online, starting from buying groceries, paying bills, deliveries, shopping, and even acquiring movie tickets.

    Now that most of the people choose to go online, social media apps keep on updating and upgrading its features to keep up with the needs of the consumers.

    One app that is serious with accumulating functionalities that could cater to the needs of its users is Snapchat. It started from a photo-filter app to video sharing, and now you can even buy movie tickets on the app.

    In partnership with Atom Tickets, an online movie ticketing app, Snapchat rolled out Snap Minis, allowing third-party experiences within the social application.

    Snappchatters can access the feature on Snapchat’s Chat interface that allows users to purchase a ticket. After acquiring a ticket, they can share a post about the details of the movie, which includes a link for others to buy their tickets, join in and choose seats.

    The post can be sent individually, by group or through posting it as a Snap Story. Planning to watch a movie with friends is made hassle-free with the new function of Snapchat.

    “We couldn’t be more excited to have Movie Tickets By Atom launch on Snapchat. Atom has built seamless eCommerce experience for Atom Tickets to Snapchatters across North America,” said the Director of Platform Partnership at Snap Inc., Alston Cheek.

    People surely miss going out and watch movies together with their friends; however, it is still required to follow COVID-19 protocols to avoid getting sick. The Snap Mini adopted protocols for moviegoers’ safety, such as socially distanced seating and a provided QR code to avoid ticket lines.

    Before the ticketing company decides to launch the Movie Tickets By Atom, it conducted a digital survey with 16,000 respondents. The result has 74% of the moviegoers are ready to go on theaters within the next month, and the remaining 40% are excited to return to theaters immediately.

    “With safety measures in place and movie fans eager to return to the movies, we knew the timing was right to launch Atom’s ticketing experience on Snapchat,” said Matthew Bakal, Atom Tickets’ Chairman and Co-Founder.

    “We’re happy to provide a safe, contactless digital service that gives movie fans what they want – a little time to escape and enjoy a movie. We’re sure the new Movie Tickets By Atom Mini, which builds upon our existing DNA as a socially driven platform, will make moviegoing easier and bring friends together.”