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    eBay Partnering with UPS gave More Shipping Alternatives for Sellers

    eBay Partnering with UPS gave More Shipping Alternatives for Sellers

    The increase of online sellers on eBay and other marketplace has been clearly visible because of the pandemic. Most people opt to buy or sell online to avoid going out and avoid the disease as well. However, most of the time, shipment is one of the main problems in transacting on several platforms such as eBay.

    But, now that eBay is working together with United Parcel Service to roll out its expansion on its shipping options globally, it contributes a little relief to the users. The collaboration will give sellers alternatives in shipping their products and reliability for buyers.

    According to reports, eBay will be launching the new alternatives for its sellers to use UPS at the end of this month. The market place’s goal in teaming up with UPS is to bring flexibility and reliable shipping service for its consumers.

    “We’re always looking for new ways to ensure our sellers have the tools they need to successfully run their businesses on eBay,” said Marni Levine. She is the Vice President of Seller Operation and Engagement on eBay.

    “Customers want and expect to receive their packages in the fastest and most reliable way possible, which is why our collaboration with UPS comes at such a critical moment. eBay is proud to deliver sellers more choice and flexibility when it comes to their shipping, which also benefits our buyers,” Levine added.

    The commitment of eBay in building the best global market for its customers is notable through its vision of tech-led reimagination of its market platform. The integration will let UPS be added to eBay Labels that are available for both mobile and desktop. It will bring advantages for sellers to save time and money by creating a wholesome platform for them.

    Furthermore, the effort of eBay to work with UPS will be providing excellent new features for shipping and selling products on the market place. It includes savings by providing discounts for sellers located in the continental U.S. and convenience as there will more than 85,000 drop off locations. Moreover, it will bring additional tools such as automated tracking, delivery, and shipping updates and alerts.