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    NFL and NFL Players Association Agreed on Safety Protocol

    NFL and NFL Players Association Agreed on Safety Protocol

    It was on Sunday afternoon when the twitter hashtag #WeWantToPlay was deliberately used by the NFL stars to convey their message that they want to play. However, they want clear information about safety protocols.

    On Monday, the questions of the players have finally reached an answer from the NFL. One of the questions thrown by the players to the committee is the frequency of testing that will be done once they are in the training camp. It was not elaborated on the given guidelines of NFL and NFLA last week.

    Dr. Allen Sills, Chief Medical Officer of the league, confirmed that throughout the training camp for the first two weeks, the players, coaches, and staff will undergo testing for COVID-19 daily.

    The players association and NFL agreed upon the updated protocols on Monday afternoon. Dr. Sills added that the testing frequency would depend on the positive rates after two weeks. If the rate falls below 5%, the testing will be every other day. However, if the rate rises again over 5%, the testings will be returned to a daily basis.

    Safety of the players and staff should be the top priority to pursue the resume of the game; that’s one of the concerns of the Players Association. The league addressed it by saying that before players and staff enter the training camp, they must test negative more than once. It means that they need to undergo several tests first before reporting to the team.

    “We are trying to minimize transmission of the virus and mitigate the risk of any player contracting the virus,” Dr. Allen said. “We know we can’t eliminate risk.”

    As the league reviews the infectious disease emergency response (IDER) that have been submitted by 32 teams and approved by the experts about the matter and Sills, they have come up with a clear decision and protocols.

    The league also addressed concerns of the players regarding the unclear safety protocols. Besides daily testing for the first two weeks, the player’s temperature will be subjected to regular screening. They will also be monitored with the symptoms of the virus and social distancing and wearing masks. They are not even allowed to share towels, water bottles, and other training equipment.

    Other than that, the league also came up with an outline of how a person may be a player, coach, or staff member who has tested positive will be handled. The flowchart tweeted by NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

    Now that the league answered most of the unanswered questions that have been raised by the NFL players, there might be a chance for the NFL season restart.

    #WeWantToPlay: NFL Player's Trend Hashtag for A Clear Plan and Protocol

    #WeWantToPlay: NFL Player's Trend Hashtag for A Clear Plan and Protocol

    It was on Sunday afternoon when the NFL players seek clarification and specific protocols about the season start on social media. They raised their concerns by posting tweets with the same hashtags #WeWantToPlay.

    The NFL stars clearly want to call the attention of the league to make things clear first before starting the season. Since the season is very much a different situation from the previous ones. Coronavirus is on the game this season and the players want assurance that they will be safe to play.

    One of the defenders of the Houston Texans, J.J Watt made a list of the questions that need answers from the league. He listed the things that they know so far and the unclear parts of the protocols. Watt's and other players' posts are pointing out that they want to play, but health and safety are still the priority.




    Based on the reports, the 32 NFL teams’ leagues Infectious disease emergency response (IDER) plans were already submitted and approved by the experts. However, the IDER plans coverage is still not clear with regard to some issues.

    The guidelines released on Friday by the NFL And NFLPA cover the protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, and hand sanitizing. Mentioned as well is about not sharing their towels, water bottles, and training equipment. But, questions regarding the testing frequency are not yet answered clearly.

    In Watt’s statement in his twitter post, he said that they “still don’t know if there will be daily testing, every other day testing” or what. The NFL guidelines are not specific about this matter.

    As stated in the guidelines, “Protocols will be updated as science evolves.” They also added that the details about the testing and screening protocols are still to be negotiated and agreed upon by the NFL and NFLPA.

    Although there is still confusion about the whole protocols and IDER plans, players are getting concerned because the NFL already mandates them to attend the training camp.

    One of the tweets of these star players is from Russell Wilson saying, “I am concerned, my wife is pregnant. NFL Training camp is about to start... And there’s still No Clear Plan on Player Health & Family Safety.”

    “We want to play football but we also want to protect our loved one,” he added.

    One of the many concerns of the players, according to Watt’s statement is the clarification about the opt-out ability during high-risk situations. They are not briefed about how to handle if things get out of hand. The protocol on handling if there will be a positive case is not that clearly stated in the guidelines.

    Although the league released the guidelines, it still lacks elaboration on essential topics that are necessary for the safety of players and staff.

    Players worry more as the number of players who are confirmed to have acquired the coronavirus disease raised to a total of 72 NFL players.


    Anti-Semitic Post of DeSean Jackson Got Him Penalized

    Anti-Semitic Post of DeSean Jackson Got Him Penalized

    DeSean Jackson, after he posted an anti-Semitic quote on his Instagram, was penalized by the Philadelphia Eagles. Then, he associated it with Hitler that really fired up issues of him being anti-Semitic.

    The team did not mention further details about the penalty. However, they stated that Jackson faced the consequences, and he has apologized.

    “He understands that in order to remain in the team, he must also commit to supporting his words with actions,” the Eagles said in their statement.



    According to the report of the NBC news, the penalty is based on terms of the new collective bargaining agreement. Stated in the deal that NFL teams can fine a player for conduct detrimental to the team up to one week’s pay.

    It was on Monday when the Eagle’s star posted a picture of text about a conspiracy theory. The theory is about the Jewish Plot to oppress African Americans. And, Hitler was the source that he cited for the anti-Semitic text that he has posted.

    After realizing his post, he blacked out the offensive part of the picture of the text. Then, he highlighted the portion which he is actually trying to point out. However, his post has already reached thousands of people and thought about what he posted anti-Semitic and offensive.

    On Tuesday, the NFL said that Jackson’s social media post is offensive having Jackson upload a video on Instagram apologizing for what he has posted.

    “I probably should have never posted anything that Hitler did, because Hitler was a bad person and I know that,” he said in front of the camera. “I was just trying to uplift African Americans.”

    And on Friday, the Eagle NFL player posted online about talking with a Holocaust survivor. He said that he is taking the time to continue educating himself.

    NFL stated that although they were encouraged by his initiative to learn and educate himself, they believe that lots of work still need to be done.

    “We must continue to fight against the anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination, while not losing part of the important battle against systemic racism,” they added.


    Philadelphia Fans Might Have a Chance to Witness the NFL Season Restart

    Philadelphia Fans Might Have a Chance to Witness the NFL Season Restart


    The restart of the NFL season is due weeks from now, but there are still changes regarding the restart. On Tuesday, the local officials of Philadelphia announced that the NFL season could happen, but crowds will not be allowed. However, the next day tables have turned around. Philadelphia gave hope to the fans saying that the decision could be changed and not yet final.

    Tuesday – Philadelphia officials are still hesitant about the upcoming season restart of the NFL. It was duly because of the virus outbreak.  According to their local guidelines, all significant events on public properties with 50 or more people are canceled. The decision will be effective until February 2021.

    However, holding an event on private properties was allowed as long as safety measures are prioritized. Mayor Jim Kenney made the announcement.




    The news enlightened NFL, as the restart of the season could not be impossible. However, the health commissioner of Philadelphia still worries about the safety of the players and the community. He believes that having crowds to watch the game is too risky.

    The city wouldn’t want to risk the people’s safety and decided not to allow fans inside the stadium when the game resumes.

    It could be the right decision since the safety of the people are still the priority now that the pandemic won’t skip this season. However, the next day after banning fans from witnessing the game, the city officials backtrack to their previous statement.

    Wednesday – There is a sudden change in the weather as the Philadelphia city takes back its decision not to let fans attend the event. They have suggested that the decisions made can still be reversed and not final. They clarified that fans might be allowed to witness the restart of NFL season.

    The city and the NFL are considering a constant review of the situation, and they will continue to work on the matter, said in the statement announced.

    Witnessing the resume of the game could be fun, but safety should still be considered to be the utmost priority.


    10 MLB Umpires and Some Players will Skip the Season

    10 MLB Umpires and Some Players will Skip the Season


    The major professional sports league will still resume even with coronavirus in the field. Scheduled events are already out since last week.

    Struggling to win is not the only concern of every team and player but also their safety and health conditions. Players have been opting out to participate in various events. The reasons are mostly because of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Major League Baseball’s umpires were also opting out. The full-time MLB umpires are 76, and most of them are age 55 or over. Ten of them chose not to participate in the resume of the season on July 23. The reasons are due to age, health conditions, and some personal matters.

    However, there have been no official announcements about this matter. Some trusted sources told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    The umpires who decided not to participate due to some reasons will still be paid according to the deal they have made to MLB during the virus shutdown. MLB ensured them 37.5% of their salaries if there will be games played even one regular-season game.

    It is expected in this MLB season that the field will be loaded with young Triple-A umpires. Those who were have been filling in some veteran umps during vacation or when injured.

    The coronavirus made it really difficult for this season to resume because umpires were not the only ones who decided to skip the season but also most of the players.

    Jordan Hicks of Cardinal is one of them as he explained on his tweet that he would skip the season because of diabetes. He stated as well in his tweet that he was thankful to his teammates for supporting his decision.




    The 2012 MVP, Buster Posey of Giants also decided to stay with his children instead. The team of Nationals has three players who best thought that skipping the season is for the best. They are Ryan Zimmerman, Wellington Castillo, and Joe Ross of Nationals.

    Nick Markakis and Felix Hernandez from Braves team have decided as well not to participate because of their health worries for themselves and their families.

    Others as well such David Price of Dodger, Ian Desmond of Rockie, Mike Leake of Diamondbacks, Michael Kopech of White Sox, Hector Noesi of Pirates chose to skip the season because of the coronavirus outbreak.