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    Hongkongers refused to bow down to China

    Hongkongers refused to bow down to China

    A symbolic protest – democrats described the weekend election against tough new laws imposed by Beijing on the former British colony which drew more than 600,000 votes.


    Despite the security law and news of fresh Covid-19 outbreak, Hong Kong people showed up and cast their votes at over 200 polling stations, in the democratic camp primaries elections to determine tickets for September’s Legislative Council elections. The results of this elections will be used as a reference to select candidates to represent the democratic camp in five geographical constituencies - Kowloon East, Kowloon West, Hong Kong Island, New Territories East, New Territories as well as two functional constituencies (district councilors and health services sectors).

    The election seeks to bolster the chance for democracy candidates to achieve a 35-plus majority in the 70-seat legislature in polls on September 6, potentially giving them the power to block government proposals.

    On the other hand, Chief Exec. Carrie Lam has said to the press that a coordinated effort by Democrats to win a majority in the legislature to oppose government policy may be illegal under the national security law as this falls into a category of subverting the state power - one of the four types offenses under the said law.

    Results from the weekend elections were expected to be announced on Tuesday.