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    Viral Trends — android phones

    Chinese Android Tecno Mobile has Denied Being Involved in the Pre-installed Malware in its 53,000 Mobile Units

    Chinese Android Tecno Mobile has Denied Being Involved in the Pre-installed Malware in its 53,000 Mobile Units

    It was recently reported by Secure-D that there are more than 200,000 Android phones that were detected to have malicious malware. A malware that can get the information of the user and use it to sign up for subscription services without the user's knowledge.

    Upstream, a firm focuses on researches about anti-fraud reported that there are 53,000 malware-infected Tecno mobile sold in South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, and Ethiopia. According to the report, Triada malware is pre-installed on the phone. Meaning, even before the customer acquires it, the virus is already present.

    Tecno handsets are low-end mobiles manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers in China, Transsion Holdings. It is also the most well-known manufacturer of phones in Africa since the company offered its product at its cheapest price.

    Transsion has told BuzzFeed News that they are not aware of the installed malware on their products. It blamed the unknown “vendor in the supply chain process.”

    “We have always attached great importance to consumers’ data security and product safety. Every single software installed on each device runs through a series of rigorous security checks, such as our own security scan platform, Google Play Protect, GMS BTS, and VirusTotal test,” Transsion said to BuzzFeed News.

    Moreover, the Tecno Mobile maker responded that the issue was already solved and fixed in the past 2018. In addition, in addressing the recent problem, the company told BBC that “for current W2 consumers that are potentially facing Triada issues, they are highly recommended to download the over-the-air fix through their phone installation or contact Tecno’s after-sales service support for assistance in any question.”

    Telecom fraud has been in the motion even before, targeting poor people by selling affordable phones and stealing data to return the profit. Similarly, Secure-D found previously that malware was also pre-installed on another China phone, Alcatel in Malaysia, Nigeria, and Brazil.

    Triada is a common problem with cheap Chinese phones. Even people in the U.S. experienced the same issue earlier this 2020. A security service called Malwarebytes detected malware in two phones originated in China.

    As this kind of fraud is associated with Chinese handsets, this will add fuel to the ongoing conflict between the Chinese companies such as Huawei, WeChat, TikTok, and the U.S government. Most of these apps, phones, and services are suspected of stealing data of the State due to political concern raging in China.