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    Epic Filed Another Motion Appealing for Fortnite to be Restored on App Store

    Epic Filed Another Motion Appealing for Fortnite to be Restored on App Store

    Apple and Epic Games battle is not done yet. The developer of Fortnite couldn't just let its app to vanish forever on the App Store.

    On Friday, the game maker filed another motion to restore its popular battle royale game and its developer’s account in the Developer Program of Apple.

    Recently, Epic has won against Apple in preventing the tech giant in blocking its Unreal Engine in the App Store's System. The company won the argument by stating that the tech giant's decision might leave an impact to other developers using the 3D maker tool of Epic.

    However, although Epic won that round, Apple won’t take back Fortnite into its App Store again.

    So, it resulted in another filing of the battle game developer that has given four goals to achieve. The first is to stop the tech giant from blocking Fortnite or other Epic app and includes protection for updates. Its popular online battle game is unable to receive an update on iOS because of the violation committed by Epic, according to Apple policies.

    The next agenda of the motion is for the company to prevent Apple from making any decision that could be disadvantageous for Epic. It includes removing the game maker's account in the Developer Program of the App Store.

    The new lawsuit also points out to restrain the tech giant from disabling, removing, or modifying Fortnite’s code of iOS. Moreover, the developer wants Apple to take in the account which navigates Fortnite on its Developer Program again.

    Epic said in its statement on CNN business that the filing was made to “stop Apple from retaliating against [us] for daring to challenge Apple’s misconduct while our antitrust case proceeds.”

    The antitrust lawsuit was recently filed by the company to go against the decision of Apple and Google when they blocked its Fortnite in their app stores.

    In both marketplaces, there is a 30% charge for every in-app transaction made. However, the developer of Fortnite has added a direct payment skipping the indicated fee, which has caused the dispute between Epic, Apple, and Google.

    Samsung Unveiled its Galaxy Watch 3 Titan Featuring a Titanium Casing

    Samsung Unveiled its Galaxy Watch 3 Titan Featuring a Titanium Casing

    Image courtesy: Samsung News

    Earlier last month, Samsung rolled out 5 new devices on its Galaxy Unpacked event, including the most awaited Galaxy Watch 3. Although the new Watch 3 of Samsung is already satisfying with its bold features such as sleep tracking and more, the South Korean manufacturer still has more to boast.

    The company announced the newest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Titan in Germany, proudly presenting its titanium casing. Stainless steel is out, and titanium is in for Samsung. The new variant will be available in 45mm size comes only in Titanium Gray color.

    Although the Galaxy Watch 3 Titan is only supported with Bluetooth and does not come in with LTE, it looks more stunning and lightweight than the first Watch 3. The Titan only weighs 43g being lighter than the standard one weighing 53.8g. However, you can expect that the price of the premium is at a higher level too.

    Both variants have the same Gorilla Glass DX for display protection as well as with their internal operating system. Similar to the previous Galaxy Watch 3, it also has a rotating bezel to navigate through the user interface.

    Galaxy Watch 3 Titan’s internal storage is composed of 8GB and 1GB RAM along with a dual-core Exynos 9110 chipsets. It is also water-resistant that can take up to 5ATM and MIL-STD 810G. Moreover, it has a working ECG sensor that can run to Android 5.0 or above with at least 1.5GB RAM and iPhone 5 or above running on at least iOS 9.

    Starting September 18, the latest released Galaxy Watch 3 Titan will be expected in Germany. But, the South Korean company has also launched along with the premium watch is its Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker that will be available from October 2. There is still no update from Samsung about the release of both devices in other countries.

    Google Blocked 6 Applications on Play Store that is Suspected to Spread Malware on Android Phones

    Google Blocked 6 Applications on Play Store that is Suspected to Spread Malware on Android Phones

    Last month, there have been threats of malware contamination for most Android phones. It is reported that malware has been detected in more than 200,000 phones and secretly uses the information of users to acquire subscription services. The 53,000 of those infected units were suspected to be pre-installed on cheap China handsets.

    Recently, in the first week of September, another threat is lurking around on Android mobiles. Google sent alerts for its users to be cautious about a bunch of apps in the Play Store that could infect their phones with a sinister Joker malware.

    The malicious spyware has the same goal of the malware detected last month, signing up users into a subscription plan unknowingly. It can install unwanted files that could access all your data and information.

    In 2019 and earlier this year, cases like this were also reported. According to reports in July, the virus was able to use components such as “Notification Listener service" and “dynamic dex file loaded from the C&C server" to gain access to the users' data. Moreover, it was able to bypass Google's security features and infected 11 application.

    In recent reports, there are 6 Android applications in the Play Store that are suspected of installing Joker malware on mobiles. The Pradeo security team explained that “Joker is a malicious bot (categorized as Fleeceware), which main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users.”

    Moreover, the team said that the malware is not that easy to detect since its operators “uses as little code as possible and thoroughly hiding it.”

    "Pradeo once again identified infected applications on Google Play, showing the store’s struggle to prevent malicious activities on its platform,” Roxane Suau continued, who is part of the Pradeo team.

    After it was reported, Google quickly responded by deleting all six of the suspected applications such as Safety AppLock, Convenient Scanner 2, Push Message – Texting &SMS, Emoji Wallpaper, Separate Doc, and Fingertip GameBox.

    Apple is About to Roll Out 70 up to 80 Million 5G iPhones this Year

    Apple is About to Roll Out 70 up to 80 Million 5G iPhones this Year

    Apple is prepping for its October release of 5G smartphones. According to reports, the tech giant is expecting to produce a vast of 70 to 80 million iPhones. The 80 million units estimated by the company were reported to be higher than its previous release of the iPhone 11 last year.

    The company is planning to roll out four new models of iPhones with 5G technology and upgraded square edges designs, which are reported to be two regulars and two high-quality units. A 5.4 inch and a 6.1-inch screen are expected for the non-high-end while 6.1 to 6.7 inch for the latter.

    Furthermore, Apple will not just release its iPhone series but also a new iPad Air and over-ear headphones. It will also launch another two new versions of the Apple Watch along with a HomePod smart speaker that is smaller than its previous units.

    Even though the production of Apple earlier this year was impacted by the pandemic and caused delays, the company still manage to maintain its strong demand for its products. It even got the title for the first US company to reach the $2 trillion market worth in August.

    There have been leaks and reports about the new iPhone series’ specs. It is said that the new iOS phones will be having Face ID and fingerprint scanner. If ever the data are real, the new series could lead to a significant change for the brand, since on their previous iPhones, there have been no fingerprint scanner. Some of the sources even said that a standard iPhone 12 would be smaller than the iPhone 7.

    Moreover, there are also expectations about iPhone 12 being water resistance retaining the IP68 water and dust resistance like the iPhone 11.

    Apple has already produced iPhones that have blown the entire iPhone fans, but there are rumors that this 2020 iPhone series could be the most exciting iPhone launches so far.

    Oppo Snatched the Top Spot to Samsung as the Southeast Asian's Top Smartphone Manufacturer for Q2

    Oppo Snatched the Top Spot to Samsung as the Southeast Asian's Top Smartphone Manufacturer for Q2

    Samsung is well known to be the number one smartphone manufacturer globally in terms of its products sold. However, its position as being the top phone manufacturer in Southeast Asia has been challenged by OPPO.

    In the second quarter of this year, Oppo has garnered a 20.3 percent market share. The Chinese manufacturer also claimed the top position of gaining the highest share on the Q2 earnings call in Southeast Asia. In that case, Oppo snatched the spot to Samsung, which landed on the second spot averaging 19.5 percent market share.

    Although Chinese companies are the center of most allegations and issues this 2020, most of them still got all four positions within the top 5 spotlights among smartphone manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

    The third in the top list is Vivo garnering 17.9 percent market share, followed by a 14 percent total – Xiaomi, and Realme averaging with 12.8 percent.

    It is not the first time when Oppo challenged the number one South Korean manufacturer in the Southeast Asian market. In 2019, Oppo showed what it got and dethroned Samsung in the years' last quarter. However, Samsung maneuvered back to its old position with a lead of only 0.2 percent in the first quarter of 2020.

    The South Korean giant has been luring people to its high quality and pricy gadgets and smartphones. However, due to the pandemic, tables have turned around for Samsung.

    In times like this, people focused more on spending their money on essential goods and buy a budget-friendly phone, which Oppo took advantage of, achieved the top position, and beat Samsung.

    Furthermore, the Southeast Asian market showed the effect of the pandemic as its shipment of units dropped to 22 percent to 24 million units in the second quarter of 2020 year-on-year. Despite the decline in the market, Samsung still holds the position of being in the world's top in terms of shipments.